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How to Decorate a Dorm Room

Posted by James Moriarty on

So, it’s finally time to move into that first dorm room. Whether you’re looking for tips for your own dorm room, or you’re moving your kid in, start with some simple steps to making the dorm room feel like home.

  1. Understand the basic layout and function of the room. All dorms have differences, but most have a standard layout and include certain functionality like movable/adjustable furniture. Know what you have to work with first.
  2. Remember that space is limited. Most of the time, dorms come with the essentials to live: a bed, dresser and desk, plus closet space and a chair, but that’s it. Work with your roommate (if you have one) to find space saving ideas, like moving the dresser into the closet, stacking furniture or lifting your bed and move furniture underneath.
  3. Don’t break the bank. As much as we hate to say it, getting a large group of people in one place can lead to theft or even accidental destruction. Decorate in a way that satisfies your taste in décor, but avoid overspending on unnecessary, lavish décor.
  4. Add some wall décor. Dorm room walls are bare, usually painted the same solid color through the dorm. Wall décor, including art and pictures are a wonderful way to warm up the room, show your individual taste and bring memories of home. Remember friends and family from home with photo frames.
  5. Add some floor covering. Just like your walls, dorm room floors are bare, and in the colder months, pretty cold. Adding a small rug (or larger if your roommate agrees), is a terrific way to add style to the room and help keep your feet warm. 
  6. Add some extra lighting. Just because you need to pull an all-nighter, does not mean your roommate does. A table lamp for your desk will give you the light you need to study and add some extra style to the room, without needing to use the bright overhead light that comes with the room.
  7. Make sure nothing you do is permanent! I know it sounds obvious, but remember that you aren’t there for a long time. Utilize 3M hooks and backing tape instead of drilling into walls and the ceiling. Avoid using anything the can damage any part of your dorm room!
  8. Enjoy your time! Now you have an awesome dorm room, get those grades and make those memories!

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