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How to pressure wash your patio, porch or driveway. Add instant curb appeal in less than an hour!

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Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to add a facelift to your patio. While we did do some pressure washing on the iron patio table and some outdoor chairs, most of our focus was on the concrete itself. Best of all, the whole project took less than an hour to clean a pretty big patio space. Take a look at the below video for an idea of the power pressure washing can bring to your concrete. 

Just a couple of quick notes before we get started.

1) We borrowed the pressure washer from my father-in-law, but you can often rent them for $40-$60 per day. However, if you enjoy this project as much as we did, you can buy a no frills one for between $75-$150 online or in your local brick & mortar.

2) We did this on simple concrete, and tested it on the brick siding of our house with no problems. But depending on the type of ground cover you have and the strength of your pressure washer, test it out on an inconspicuous place of your patio first to make sure it doesn’t cause any damage.

3) Dress to get both wet and dirty. While that sounds fun, this process can kick up a lot of grime and everyone knows water+dirt = mud.

4) For heavy duty clean ups, consider a little dish soap on the concrete or in the detergent area of your pressure washer (if it has one – not all do).

5) Remember to never point the pressure washer at any person, pet or other living animal. A pressure washer can also damage trees or foliage and with enough pressure, can crack glass and chip stone.

Clean the area

Sweep or blow the area before you start to pressure wash the patio or concrete. It’s not an absolute necessity, but it does mean less dirt and junk to clean up at the end.

Establish a pattern of cleaning

Apart from a small area where the patio meets the backdoor, our patio is a rectangle. We worked right to left in 8 foot stretches until we were done. It will probably require a few times going over each inch on concrete, but you’re having so much fun, you won’t notice.

Be consistent

For the perfect look, try to be consistent with how much cleaning each area gets. At the same time, be able to recognize that some of the worse areas, like where you have mud or algae, may require additional spraying. Aim for a consistent color and spray pattern. Remember, the difference between a pressure washed area and an untouched one can be dramatic. Take a look. The pressure washer is power enough to make patterns, I even wrote my son's name (only part is visible).

Pressure washing the patio image 3  Pressure washing the patio image 1  Pressure washing the patio image 2

Clean up!

Pressure washing your patio will loosen a lot of grime, dirt and other materials, which will mostly sit on top of the concrete after you finish. Once you are finished pressure washing, either turn the pressure down or just use your garden hose with a nozzle to push all the dirt off the patio.

That’s it!

Pressure washing your patio isn’t terribly complicated, but it can make a tremendous impact. Many realtors and appraisers suggest pressure washing your patio, porch and driveway as a way to make an immediate curb appeal improvement and doing so can drive up the selling value of your home. But if you’re not going anywhere like us, it’s just nice to walk out the back door to see a fresh patio. We hope you’ve found the instructions, video and photos informative!

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