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Spring Projects in mind? Here are ours!

Posted by John N on

Spring is just about here! Spring means the arrival of flowers, singing birds and of course, the start of finer weather. At least around here, finer weather means more time outside and we try to greet the start of every spring season with some patio projects, planting the garden and cleaning up any dead spots in our lawn. We're in Northern California and the drought effected our ability to enjoy the outdoors last year. As such, our patio and backyard did not get the kind of attention it deserves for it to be a fun area for our family. As such, we have a little more cut out for us this year, now that we can be outside a bit more. Here are a few of the projects we have planned!

Pressure wash the patio floor

Our patio is concrete and not covered, meaning it gets hit hard during the winter. With an especially rainy season like we had here this year, that means a lot of standing water on the concrete, which has discolored it and even had some algae grow in a few places. We’ll show you the before and after in a later blog post (this weekend!), but the goal is to restore the look of the concrete floor.

Add a fire pit

Our house faces the setting sun, which means the house stays warm long after the sun has gone down in the hot summer months. As such, we love staying out back well after it gets dark. We’re putting in the Summerfield Terrace 14201 Geometric Fire Pit to add some ambiance and even to keep warm as it gets later in the night.

String some globe lights

As I mentioned above, we love being out in the back as long as possible when it warms up. We bought a couple strands of globe lights (think Christmas lights, without the Christmas-y look) to string over the patio. This will add a little bit of light and a little bit of mood. We’re planning on adding a timer as well, to make sure we stay as energy efficient as possible.

Hang a hammock

My personal favorite to wrap up the list. We have a nice patio set, but we’re going to add the Summerfield Terrace Espresso Two-Person Hammock over the grass next to the patio. This may be a two-person hammock, but I’m not sure I’m going to be willing to share!

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