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About LiveZippy

adjective: informal
1. bright, fresh, or lively.
2. Fast or speedy.

Thanks for checking us out! LiveZippy is a family run business, based out of Chico, California. We chose our name because of the meanings above. We believe first in family, friends, home & our lifestyle. Our lives should define the products we buy, not the other way around. Just like you, we know you're looking for a great experience for you, your family and your home. That's why we try our hardest to give you the best price, lightning fast shipping and a secure place to shop. Whether you're looking for home decor or pet supplies, we buy our products from top of the line manufacturers and suppliers who share our core values about family, lifestyle and home.

We know you have many choices locally and online to purchase home, outdoor and pet products. We're thrilled you are giving us a chance to earn your business. We only charge freight based on what we pay, not that we feel we can get. Why no telephone number? We are a small family business and we work on all parts of the company, meaning we might not be right next to the phone. But please email us! We promise a fast response and we will be happy to call you if you request it!

Have an issue and aren't getting the help you need? Feel free to reach out directly to me via my email

Thanks for your time and your business. We won't let you down.

- John, President

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